The HCRI Learning/Research Center is your dedicated electronic link to the latest information in health communication, including healthcare professional research opportunities, outcome studies and medical practice evaluations. Developed by physicians, nurses, educators and researchers. HCRI main focus is on developing HIPPA compliance software development.


Streamline intake

Moving to the cloud means streamlining manual processes and reducing paper. Contact center automation, mobile access, workflows, and approvals let you spend less time on administration—and more time providing care.

Engage patients with sites and portals

Patient empowerment is not only good for healthcare, it’s good for business. Provide your patients with powerful functionality and self-service options that increase patient loyalty while lowering your cost of service.

We will build your own apps

No two providers are the same, but for years you’ve had to either adapt your processes to fit others’ software or perform expensive customizations. Not anymore. Force.com lets you build your own apps faster and at a lower cost than traditional platforms. See what the Schumacher Group and the RehabCare Group have done using Force.com.

Feel secure

Salesforce is SAS 70 Type II certified and supports HIPAA compliance. Not only is your data secure today, but salesforce.com continues to invest heavily in securing your data into the future.